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Life Tips

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No Title Youtube Desciption and Files
001 What can we find in this course https://youtu.be/LztFboolw_w
002 Goal https://youtu.be/0f9SzC_X5TU
003 Smart Goals https://youtu.be/OtEwvC5vDdU
004 Time https://youtu.be/Jla1AZ9t8hA
005 Efficiency https://youtu.be/KgOSqkPHyuA
006 Bussiness Profile https://youtu.be/-LFRlIn1O48
007 Working and Financial scheduling https://youtu.be/aVtJvzzDPuU
008 Width and length of the life https://youtu.be/l5hNJleFotI
009 Mistakes https://youtu.be/DCC6PxiQTe0
010 Nerves https://youtu.be/a2tFbUMAuUc
011 People Around Us https://youtu.be/6ZSD4Vak6VA